Carbide Tipped Tool Bits MDX Brand

High Speed Steel Body

Please specify grade when ordering:
C-2 Cast Iron and nonferrous materials 
C-6 Steel and ferrous materials.



AR/AL - Straight Turning
BR/BL - 15 Degree Lead Angle Turning
C- Square Nose Cabide Tipped Tool Bits
CTR/CTL - Cutoff
D - Pointed Nose
E - Threading Tool Carbide Tipped Tool Bits
ER/EL - Offset Threading
FR/FL - Offset End Cutting
GR/GL - Offset Side-Cutting
Tool Bits Sets
TRC/TRE - Round Shank Boring
TSA - Square Shank Boring
TSC - Square Shank Boring
TSE - Square Shank Boring