Precision Wavy Parallels

Precision Wavy Parallels

Unique innovation in the field of clamping-aid techniques.
Engineered to exceed the practical application possibilities
   of conventional precision parallels.
New concept, practical and reliable for the precision vertical
   positioning of workpiece.
Economical, simple and easy to use in precision clamping
   of parts in drilling, boring, milling, grinding, assembly work, etc.
Ideal for clamping a group of flat workpieces.
Can readily be used as classic shims.
Thin and fragile workpieces can be secured without damage
   by utilizing the spring pressure of these parallels, for example
   in assembly applications, etc.
Range of 9 pair set ó” to 1ó” in 1/ 8” height increments.
Each parallel is .012” Thick x 4 5/ 16” Long
Made of high quality spring steel, hardened, stress relieved
   & precision ground.
Guaranteed to size in height & parallelism ±.0002”.
Set of 9 pairs furnished in attractive fitted case.

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